Photo credit:  Leigh Campbell

Photo credit: Leigh Campbell

Ansel Adams is my biggest inspiration in photography. When I first discovered at a young age him and his work, I was hooked. I'd pore over his images again and again in complete awe and feel totally inspired to see and create as he did.

Ansel Adams was a pioneer in the darkroom and in the genres of landscape and nature photography. He once said, "you don't take a photograph, you make it."

Time and time again I find myself thinking of this phrase and its meaning. I think what he meant by this is that, as photographers and artists, we don't simply approach a scene or subject and click the shutter. Intention, vision, and style all contribute to the final photographs. Each artist's personal style, the way he or she views the world, and intentions all influence our final images. 

Knowing Ansel Adams was a master in the darkroom, I like to think this phrase also implies photo manipulation. He'd sometimes spend an entire day post-processing just to create one image and famously said, "dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships." 

Needless to say, his artistic ethics now reside with me. Although I shoot digital and edit on a computer and Adams shot film and edited in a darkroom, I like to think our process is the same: an idea comes to mind, a moment in time (specifically thought of and envisioned) is captured through the lens of the camera, and painterly tweaks are made through post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

We all perceive the world differently: my reds could be your oranges; my highlights are your midtones. But my portfolio reflects my visions of the world and my own moody, contrasty, and colorful style. I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I enjoy making them. Thanks for stopping by. 

Our time is short, and the future terrifyingly long. Believing as we must that things of the heart and mind are most enduring, this is the opportunity to apply art as a potent instrument of revelation, expression, and perpetuation of wilderness actualities and moods. Through art of the brush, pen, and lens, each one no less than another, we possess a swift and sure means of touching the conscience and clearing the vision.
— Ansel Adams


Fstoppers / Staff Writer

January 2018 - Present,  online

-Write weekly articles regarding industry news, gear, trends, and interviews for a photo/video community website with upward of 6 million readers.

-Interview notable landscape photographers, rock climbers, cinematographers, and others who are prominent in their field.

Adworkshop / Broadcast and PR Paid Intern

January 2018 - July 2018,  Lake Placid, NY

-Created client articles, blog posts, press releases, and PR pieces in client’s voice.

-Wrote production scripts, billboard copy, and brand messaging copy.

-Worked with creative team to develop clients’ brand, voice, messaging, and ad campaigns.

-Researched and developed clients’ needs and goals.

-Managed digital assets and helped keep team organized and prepared for production shoots.

-Worked on production sets as a photographer and PA for tourism agencies, breweries, restaurants, and hotels.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise / Freelance Writer and Photographer

Summer 2018,  Saranac Lake, NY

-Covered events for the local daily newspaper, from interviewing and photographing subjects to creating captions for images.

LOCALadk Magazine / Writer, Photographer, Social Media Specialist

January 2017 - July 2018,  Lake Placid, NY

-Created 3-5 thoughtful Instagram posts per week in magazine’s voice, boosting the page’s following by over 2,500 in management period.

-Contributed editorial content.

North Volume Magazine / Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

January 2018 - July 2018,  Plattsburgh, NY

-Helped create magazine from inception to first publication.

-Organized a team of writers and photographers for the bi-monthly, online publication.

-Performed a full range of editorial duties, including writing and editing content and images to selling advertising and organizing page layout.

DoNorth Magazine / Staff Writer and Photographer

Spring 2016 - Spring 2018,  Plattsburgh, NY

-Produced cover photo for four consecutive issues.

-Provided content, including a general interest story and photographs for the regional, student-run magazine.

Press Republican / Freelance Photographer

Fall 2016 - Fall 2017,  Plattsburgh, NY

-Photographed assigned events for the daily community newspaper including college and high school sports, community events, and administration meetings.

Cardinal Points / Photo Editor and Contributing Writer

Fall 2016,  Plattsburgh NY

-Organized and managed a team of contributing and staff photographers.

-Photographed and edited images to be used in weekly issues of the college newspaper.


University of Utah / BA Journalism, Magazine concentration

Fall 2018,  Salt Lake City, UT

-Attending for my last semester of college through National Student Exchange. I chose Utah to be closer to the mountains and gain a different educational and cultural perspective.

SUNY Plattsburgh / BA Journalism, Magazine concentration

Plattsburgh, NY.

-Expected Graduation: December 2018

-Expected GPA: 3.8

-Earned Dean’s List each semester.



& Ambassadorships

Nikon Storytellers Scholarship / Finalist

The Outbound / Contributing Writer and Pursuit Series Photographer

Visit Adirondacks / Brand Ambassador

Adirondack Mountain Club / Stewardship Ambassador

Adirondack 46er / #8072